52 B'Wave Jumbo 2.0

The most baffling prediction, with a mind-blowing climax. 

The magician shows a blue backed jumbo deck to a spectator explaining it contains a prediction. Then he says he has another deck, but it’s very special; it’s an invisible deck. A spectator chooses a color from the invisible deck and then he selects any value and any suit with ABSOLUTE FREEDOM, for example the 5 of hearts. The magician takes the jumbo blue backed deck and when he spreads the cards, everyone can see there’s only one card face up: it’s the 5 of hearts. Then he turns the 5 of hearts face down, showing it’s the only card with a red back. But that’s not all; the magician spreads all the deck showing all the faces are blank. 

  • New and improved method 
  • Jumbo size 
  • Specially printed and manufactured jumbo cards 
  • Includes video download with step by step explanations 
  • Three strong climaxes 
  • Ideal for mentalism, parlor, stage and virtual shows 
  • Instant reset 
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