52 Cheetah by Germán Dabat

52 Cheetah

By Germán Dabat

All the cards in a single-pocket index

In 2022, we introduced the revolutionary two-pocket card index system called “Cheetah,” which garnered universal acclaim within the magic community. Now, we’ve developed a SINGLE-POCKET VERSION with all 52 cards in ONE index, retaining all the incredible features of the original Cheetah!

Imagine being able to secretly find any card in just one second.

“52 Cheetah” is an ultra-thin card index that fits into a SINGLE POCKET, in fact, ANY POCKET at all. With “52 Cheetah,” you can effortlessly access any card without the need of complex moves, riffling, or mental calculations. Its groundbreaking design empowers you to produce as many cards as you desire and grants you instant access to any four-of-a-kind. This is THE card index system designed for everyday use! Cheetah users never miss; they always find the right card!

Each purchase includes an index for all 52 cards and a video download with step-by-step instructions and a variety of routines.

  • Locate any card in a second
  • Extremely thin
  • You can use your own deck
  • It fits into ANY POCKET
  • Instant access to any four of a kind
  • It will last a lifetime
  • Find as many cards as you want
  • Video download instructions & routines


If you are a Cheetah user you’ll learn “52 Cheetah” in less than 10 minutes.

“52 Cheetah” is way smaller than 2 “Cheetahs”.


This is what Ryan Plunkett said about the original Cheetah in the Genii Review:

“The Cheetah card index system is one of the most exciting releases I’ve gotten my hands on in recent years, and it has instantly found its way into my pockets and my show. Cheetah might even be my favorite magic product of 2022. Highly Recommended.”