The Magnetic Thumb Tip is made with our famous Vernet Thumb Tip and the most powerful magnet you can find on the market.

The Magnetic Thumb Tip This is a very useful gimmick that allows you to perform many PK miracle effects. Let’s see some examples:

Stopping a watch with the power of the mind is a very strong effect. With the Magnetic Thumb Tip you can do it… now!. Ask a wrist watch from any spectator and stop it at your absolute control.

The performer shows two standard teaspoons. He rubs the handle of one of the spoons on his sleeve and puts one spoon on top of the other at the handles. The second spoon is magically suspended from the first. To the spectators surprise he gives the bottom spoon a spin and it still remains suspended.Finally the performer removes the bottom spoon and immediately hand both spoons to spectators for examinations.

Of course you can find others uses in magic: effects with paper clips rings keys coins or cups. For example you can perform a Chop Cup routine with a paper or plastic cup and then give everything for examination.

Code D-018