The spirits in your pocket…

by Michel & Esteban Manazza



Effect 1

The spectator is given a deck of cards (a regular deck), and is asked to deal them face down onto the table. The spectator stops at ANY CARD she wants. Then, you show a plastic transparent pocket that contains a blank piece of paper and a small ouija cardboard. The spectator signs the piece of paper and you place it inside the transparent pocket under the ouija cardboard. You ask the spectator to hold it with her hand. You show an old key and place it on top of the ouija. You start to ask questions regarding the selected card and the key, without anyone touching it, starts to move and answers them, revealing: first the color, then the suit, and finally the value of the chosen card. But that’s not all, now you turn over the ouija cardboard and, on the other side, is printed precisely the same card! Then you say “but if we really invoked the spirits, they must have left a message”. Now, you show that the piece of paper, with her signature, has the chosen card written!


Effect 2


You show an ESP deck. You place, face up, one of each symbol on the table. From the rest of the deck, the spectator choose ANY card. Then, you show an old key and place it on top of the face down selection. You touch each one of the symbols on the table and suddently, when you touch, for example the circle, the key starts to move. The spectator turns over the selection, and its precisely the circle!

  • She stops at ANY CARD
  • Very easy to do
  • Perfect for table hopping, resets in seconds
  • No threads
  • Use your own deck of cards
  • Ideal for the magician and the mentalist
  • Bonus routine: With the key you can perform the classic “Haunted key”


Invoke the spirits anytime, anywhere!


You receive:


-Specially manufactured key (it’s ideal for the “Haunted Key”)

-Specially printed and prepared  ouija cardboards

-High quality ESP deck (25 cards specially printed)

-Secret gimmick

-Video download with step by step explanations