Pro Pad Writter

Have your ever wanted to keep hiden in a safe a place the swami writer? And have have you ever wanted an instantly access to it at any momentn and any place? Do you want to write easily with the swami writer? Now you can whith the pro pad writer. This inocent looking pad allows you a very easily dispose or access to a BOON or BUG writer. Especially designed to fit in your back trouser or coat pocket, with an engineering to protect it.Ideal surface and excellent grip to write. Whether you are a hobbyist or a full time professional mentalist this the perfect utility device for you!

– Instantly access or dispose of the writer
– Very inocent looking pad
– Designed to fit in your back trouser or coat pocket
– Engineering to protect the swami writer
– Excellent grip
– deal surface to write
– Available for right hand and left hand.
– Optional for vernet´s boon or bug writer.